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by John R. Treinen, DDS

What are Clear Correct® Braces?

Clear Correct® braces are a series of aligners that snap onto the teeth and gently guide them to a new position. The aligners are used to straighten teeth that are crooked or slightly out of alignment. With each aligner in the series, the teeth are moved a little more toward their final position. Creating the series of aligners involves taking impressions of the teeth and using computer generated imaging, creating a series of braces or aligners that shift teeth a small amount each time. The aligners are made of an extremely hard, plastic compound that allows the device to snap firmly onto the surface of the teeth. Each aligner is worn for two to four weeks, depending on the scope of the treatment.

What are the Benefits of Aligner Type Brace Systems?

Brace systems that use aligners or trays have several advantages over conventional forms of braces. With traditional metal braces, eating was always a challenge because food could become lodged within the wires and brackets. With aligners, the device can be removed during meal times and the teeth brushed and thoroughly cleaned before replacing the device back in the mouth. Another advantage is that the device is practically invisible. It is made of a durable, clear plastic resin and snaps onto the teeth. Unless someone knows what they are looking for, they won't even notice they are in place. An aligner can also be removed before appearing in public.

Who is a Good Candidate for the Clear Correct® System?

Individuals who appear in public on a regular basis. People who normally do public speaking engagements can remove the appliances before the event and then replace it when they are finished. The Clear Correct® system is also a good choice for students who may be self-conscious about how they will look if they get traditional, metal braces. Kids who need to have extensive dental work performed may not be able to use the Clear Correct® system, especially if the work is of a structural nature. Each patient is reviewed on an individual basis and will be able to discuss all of the options they have available to them with the dentist before making a decision.

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